7 highly effective practices for sensitive glans treatment

It is common in men who have phimosis to have super sensitive glans. Since glans have always been covered inside the foreskin since you were a baby, since glans hadn’t seen the outside world, it is bound to be super sensitive. Additionally, glans are supposed to be sensitive because it is the glans which is biggest source of pleasure while having sex, in men. Sensitive glans treatment is possible, it just takes it’s own sweet time and efforts from your side. Just small but vital efforts.

Applying castor oil over glans for sensitive glans treatment in home

Practices to follow for sensitive glans treatment

The fundamental thing to do here is to expose your glans as much as possible. Expose it to air, water, and cloth.

  1. Retract your foreskin when showering. Apply warm (not hot) water over your penis and bring the warm water in contact with your glans.
  2. Use shower head in your bathroom, turn it on and shove it over your foreskin so that water-stream touches the glans. Use the pressure according to your comfort.
  3. Use castor oil, apply it over the tip of your glans and try to touch the glans softly. Castor oil is viscous and creates a thick layer over glans which makes it easy to touch with normal hands. Castor oil is also extremely good for stretching and has anti-fungal properties too. 
    This technique is by far the best thing you can do for sensitive glans treatment in home.
  4. While masturbating, expose your glans to air for a longer period than what you usually do.
  5. While masturbating, use a lubricant such as castor oil, coconut oil or any other lubricant and grip over the tightest part of your foreskin. While doing the gliding motion, use your thumb (or any finger) and try to touch your glans while you continue to masturbate.
  6. Whenever you pee, retract your foreskin as much as possible and clean the foreskin and glans with water.
  7. Another effective method for sensitive glans treatment is to wear treatphimosis rings whichever size that fits you and continue to put it on for 1 hour daily. Wear it even when you wear shorts, under garments or pants. Yes, the glans will stick to the inside of your under garment but it is worth the small pain of retracting the glans from the under garment.

These exercises would help a lot in sensitive glans treatment.

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