5 reasons why going for circumcision to cure phimosis is a terrible idea

The conventional treatment of circumcision to cure phimosis.

Circumcision which removes the foreskin, or simple plastic surgery which preserves the fold of skin but opens the ring.

5 Reasons why patients have come to reject circumcision to cure phimosis

– is traumatic, brutal, and irreversible

– necessitates anaesthesia

– is bloody.

– in the case of circumcision reduces the mobility of the penile skin.

– Circumcision for phimosis is a costly business. In USA, it costs somewhere around $3000 – $5000

circumcision to cure phimosis

Circumcision often involves pain and discomfort for 4-8 weeks after surgery.

You’ll have to deal with complications after surgery. 30% men report complications after circumcision, one of which is erectile dysfunction.

Going for Circumcision to cure phimosis is recommended if you’re ready to sacrifice your sexual pleasure. Circumcised men report lower sexual satisfaction compared to uncircumcised men.

Circumcision removes the nerve endings of this skin surface depriving the subject of this delightful sensation.

Going for Circumcision to cure phimosis appears to be a quick solution, but you can’t have sex for about 4-8 weeks after circumcision. So it looks like a quick fix but is it really one?

– Circumcision is psychologically stressful by cutting an organ which is highly symbolic for a male at the dawn of his sexual life.

– interferes with the pattern of masturbation which may be seriously traumatic.

When go for circumcision when you can easily cured with foreskin stretching.

Foreskin Stretching: A safer and cost effective method

Stretching of the foreskin should be considered. It is:

– logical

– painless

– gradual

– unobtrusive

– almost free

– not traumatic or troublesome to the patient

– preserves the foreskin which has definite functions

– allows the preservation of patterns of masturbation.

– avoids the pain of the exposed glans.

-TreatPhimosis rings are way cheaper than circumcision.

TreatPhimosis rings don’t have any side effects which you may otherwise find in circumcision.

-Thousands of people have seen successful results with TreatPhimosis rings.

-Tight foreskin can be treated with TreatPhimosis rings in 99% of cases.

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