Horrors of having erectile dysfunction in phimosis and 7 ways to treat it

Relax, your problem is mostly psychological and not due to phimosis. You feel that your have erectile dysfunction in phimosis because your glans (head) isn’t getting enough stimulation. Once you start to have sex regularly, you’ll find yourself comfortable having sex with phimosis. This will also reduce the performance anxiety that you have and that will possibly treat erectile dysfunction while having phimosis. Additionally, you’ll also find there’s no more sudden flaccidness.

Normally, sex with phimosis isn’t so wholesome because the foreskin doesn’t slide enough and the glans aren’t exposed. Glans have lot of nerve endings and it is the action of glans that make the sex enjoyable.

erectile dysfunction in phimosis

Things to do when you think you have erectile dysfunction in phimosis

  • Try using a thin condom and use lot of lubricant to keep the sex smooth and pleasurable.However, you are adding essentially another layer on top of your foreskin so you want to get a thin (yet durable) condom to reduce this issue. Obviously, there will be varying levels of difficulty based on how severe your phimosis is but the main thing when it comes to sex is to find what works for you.
  • Add lube inside the condom, this improves the gliding motion and increases sensitivity of your penis.
  • You should also try to hold the base of your penis while thrusting if your foreskin creeps too far down.
  • Dry humping is also what works for some men, dry humping before actually having sex. Dry humping creates friction and that should help you reduce performance anxiety.
  • Try masturbating in a condom to practice it.
  • Use a Q-tip and dip it in coconut oil, use this q-tip to touch your glans. This should help a lot.

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