How Long Does Steroid Cream Take To Work On Phimosis?

After examining all the available Phimosis treatment options available at your disposal, you have finally made up your mind to leverage a steroid cream to help stretch the tight foreskin. There is nothing wrong with taking this route since counting on a Phimosis treatment cream can also do the trick.  Either way, not everyone is into the idea of using this treatment option.

While they might have their reasons, there is more to Phimosis steroid creams than meets the eye.  But before you take advantage of steroid creams to cure Phimosis, you ought to know the duration it takes to solve your issue.  Luckily, that is what this post will help you figure out. Keep on reading to find out more.

Treating Tight Foreskin with Steroid Cream (not enough)

Some people are better off following a non-surgical treatment approach when looking forward to curing Phimosis.  If you are in this category, there is nothing wrong with using Phimosis treatment creams.  With this Phimosis cure approach, you need to apply a steroid cream of choice to the tip of your foreskin.

You might be asking yourself about the role a phimosis steroid cream plays in this treatment approach. To give you the tip of the iceberg, it allows for easier stretching of your tight foreskin. All you have to do is apply a thin layer of steroid cream around the foreskin before massaging it gently. Now try to pull your foreskin back carefully and stop whenever you feel pain. It should be noted that steroid cream will make the foreskin thin which is not in your best interest. Use it once every 2 days and it should do the job just fine. Furthermore, using only the steroid cream wouldn’t yield any result unless it is partnered with foreskin stretching using phimosis rings or manual stretching. Bottom line is, it would months if not years if you do it using only the steroid cream.

Treating tight foreskin with phimosis stretching rings (best method)

Normally a combination of steroid cream (applied once every 2 days), extra-virgin coconut oil (for lubrication) and phimosis stretching rings (applied twice daily) yields the best results and hence it is widely favoured over other methods. The time that it takes to cure phimosis is completely dependent on which stage are you on. The worst case scenario is you have pinhole phimosis, the most extreme phimosis where you can’t even see the tip of your glans. Using the above mentioned aids, you should be able to cure yourself of phimosis (if followed religiously) in about 3-4 months. For other stages of phimosis, it is mostly 1-3 months.

How long does it take to Cure Phimosis?

That’s probably one of the questions you’ve been asking yourself before buying a Phimosis steroid cream. The answer to this question varies from one individual to another. And this is easy to see why since people respond differently to medications, with things not any different when it comes to Phimosis treatment.

 Furthermore, the severity of your Phimosis also speaks volumes on how long it will take to cure.  In more severe cases, you may have to wait longer before treating Phimosis. That’s why there is no precise duration on how long it takes steroid creams to cure Phimosis.

 Either way, it might take between four to eight weeks before you finally attain the expected results.  Keep in mind, you have to apply the Phimosis steroid cream twice a day to the tip of the foreskin for this period.  If the cream you’re using doesn’t help within 4-8 weeks, you may be better off consulting your doctor for further treatment.

The Bottom Line

You don’t have to go overboard to find the most viable Phimosis cure approach. By using steroid creams, you will soften the foreskin and make it easier to stretch.  Remember, you ought to combine steroid creams with a plan such as Phimosis stretching kits or masturbation.  That way, it won’t take long before you treat Phimosis and get back to your way of life without the hassle. 

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