How Long Does Tight Foreskin Take To Heal?

After noticing your foreskin feels too tight and you struggle to retract it, you’ve finally made up your mind to seek treatment. Even though Phimosis is not a cause of concern when it occurs in toddlers and young children, it can turn your life into a living nightmare if it happens in adulthood. That’s mainly the case when you experience symptoms like pain when passing urine and irritation, particularly when masturbating or during sexual intercourse. Luckily, you can leverage foreskin stretching kits to treat Phimosis.

 Unfortunately, numerous misconceptions surround the duration it takes a tight foreskin to heal. That leaves many men battling Phimosis with more questions than answers. If this sounds like you, today is your lucky day.  Keep on reading to find out more.

Phimosis Treatment Options

Before going any further, you ought to keep in mind there is no specific duration it takes to heal your tight foreskin problem.  The healing time varies from one individual to the next, and that’s why you should not let the success of someone else convince you differently. Furthermore, there are different Phimosis treatment options with different healing timelines.

 To help clear any doubt in your mind, here are some of the available Phimosis treatment options and how long it might take to heal;

  •  Steroid Creams for Phimosis Treatment

Corticosteroid creams for Phimosis treatment will always come in handy whenever you want to deal with your tight foreskin problem. When used together with foreskin stretching kits, you can get the results you expect faster.  However, some people respond slowly to the Phimosis cream and it can reduce the pace of healing.

 Furthermore, be sure of what cream for Phimosis you intend to use. After all, there are different Corticosteroid creams on the market. The secret lies in determining what works perfectly for you before making a purchase decision.

  •   Phimosis Stretching

You can also use a steroid cream to stretch your foreskin back in place safely. With this Phimosis treatment remedy, you have to apply a thin layer of the preferred steroid cream around the entire foreskin before massaging it gently.  After application, try to pull your foreskin back carefully. Of course, you need to know what cream for Phimosis works perfectly for this type of treatment.

 Ensure you stretch your foreskin two to four times a day until you can comfortably retract it.  With Phimosis stretching, it may take between four to eight weeks for your tight foreskin to heal.

  •   Circumcision

Even though most men are against circumcision to treat tight foreskin, it can also prove beneficial.  With circumcision, a surgeon completely removes your tight foreskin through surgery.  It takes about eight to ten days to recover from circumcision. Ensure you consider the pros and cons of circumcision before using it to treat tight foreskin.

The bottom line

The time it takes a tight foreskin to heal varies from one person to the other.  Furthermore, the severity of your Phimosis also speaks volumes. In more severe cases, it takes longer to heal unlike in early Phimosis.  That’s why you should seek treatment right away if you notice any symptoms of Phimosis.

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