[Proven method] How to use phimosis rings to cure phimosis in 5 easy steps

Using phimosis rings is the most popular and the easiest way to cure phimosis. Phimosis can be completely cured in adults no matter which type of phimosis you have. Well the important question here is, how to use phimosis rings to cure phimosis in an easy and effective way.

Before you go onto read this, make sure you actually have phimosis. These images will help to determine if you really have phimosis.

Once you have purchased treatphimosis rings, you’ll see that it contains 20 rings, 1 fore-stretch phimosis cream, 1 ring removal tool and a small guide on how to use phimosis rings to treat phimosis. 

Things you'll need to treat phimosis at home

For phimosis in general. You’ll need these things:

  1. 20 phimosis rings
  2. Phimosis cream (non-steroidal)
  3. Extra Virgin Coconut oil
  4. Cotton swabs

(all of these are included in this package)

For the extreme case of phimosis, also called pin-hole phimosis or Type 4 phimosis. You’ll need all the above things plus (maybe) a stretching tool as well.

Image below shows pinhole phimosis.

Pinhole Phimosis Image

What is a phimosis ring?

Phimosis rings are silicone rings made from medical grade silicone, that are used to hold the foreskin and prevent it from sliding further.

In a nutshell, these rings prevent your foreskin from retracting back and forth over the head of your penis. By serving as a bottleneck and constricting your foreskin, the phimosis ring ensures it does not open further.

Daily regimen to treat phimosis

Daily Stretching Regimen For Phimosis

Lubricate foreskin every day after shower with extra-virgin coconut oil. This keeps the foreskin hydrated.

Stretch foreskin using phimosis rings twice daily using the methodology described below

Apply Fore-stretch phimosis cream (before sleeping) to
loosen the foreskin & heal the cracks.

Clean groin area daily with ani-fungal-mild soap to keep the area clean and hygienic.

Find your phimosis ring size

Phimosis Rings Sizes

Find the ring size that is most appropriate for you depending on how far you can stretch the foreskin. Choose based upon the tightness, the ring shouldn’t be too tight and shouldn’t be loose either.

We have all the sizes a human penis can possibly have, so fret not if you don’t immediately find your phimosis ring size. This involves some hit and trial, you gotta try the rings till you know which size fits best.

All the rings are numbered in millimeters so you can track your progress over time. 

The ring sizes are 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm, 28mm, 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 38mm.

Strecthing Exercise using phimosis rings

Step 1: Apply coconut oil on foreskin

Apply Coconut Oil On Foreskin To Treat Phimosis
Mesturbetin To Cure Phimosis

Take small amount of castor oil or coconut oil and massage it all over the foreskin and especially on the prepuce. This is done to ensure foreskin and prepuce are well hydrated.

Step 2: Apply coconut oil on phimosis ring

Coconut Oil On Phimosis Rings

Apply castor oil or coconut oil on the outer circumference of the phimosis ring. This removes any dirt on the ring and reduces friction on the foreskin as well.

It’s always safer to use natural products like extra-virgin coconut oil or extra virgin castor oil since foreskin is a sensitive part and unsafe oils can cause problems. Both these oil are anti-fungal & anti- inflammatory in nature.

Step 3: Retract the foreskin over glans and slide phimosis ring over it to finally set it under foreskin

Setting Phimosis Stretcher Ring On Penis

Place your first finger and thumb over glans and try to slide the foreskin over glans as much as naturally possible.

The length till which you could slide the foreskin over is called the phimotic band (marked in black line).

Using the other hand, grab the phimosis ring of appropriate size and press the ring slightly against the glans to tilt it slightly and thereby fit it inside the phimotic band (or prepuce).

30 - Treatphimosis.com 26 - Treatphimosis.com

Step 4: Check for tightness of the ring & make sure it is comfortable.

Check For Tightness Or Comfort Of The Phimosis Ring

The phimosis ring shouldn’t be too tight or too loose, it should fit perfectly. If the ring is loose then try to use a size bigger than the current ring size.

Furthermore, a tight ring can cause cracks on the foreskin and in case of cracks development, you wouldn’t be able to wear the rings for a few weeks and risk losing all the progress you have made till date.

If you’re using a ring bigger than 24mm, please refer the image on the next page to learn on how to use these rings safely.

Position Of Phimosis Ring After It Is Set Under Foreskin For Phimosis Treatment At Home

Step 5: For bigger sized rings

The rings above 24mm are categorized into bigger-sized rings. These rings have a different style of wearing which is shown in images.

Furthermore, rings of sizes 30mm, 32mm, 34mm, 36mm, and 38mm have a special cut on one side of the ring to ensure easy and comfortable grip on foreskin.

The side on which the cut is present will be up and the side where the ring is continuous (no cut) will go under the foreskin.

21 - Treatphimosis.com
Position Of Phimosis Ring After It Is Set Under Foreskin For Phimosis Treatment At Home
How To Use Phimosis Rings

All in all these steps should tell you how to use phimosis rings to cure phimosis. This method of using treatphimosis rings has been used by more than 23,000 of our customers and 94% have had successful results. 

Refer to the FAQ below, we have a lot of questions covered. 

If you have questions, please feel free to tell us in the comment box below.

Frequently Asked Questions on Using Phimosis Rings

Does treatphimosis rings work for all types/stages of phimosis?

Yes, a big Yes. It works for phimosis of all stages, even if you have pinhole phimosis.

From what age is it possible to use Treatphimosis rings and the kit?

We recommend that anyone who has phimosis and is over the age of 13 can use TreatPhimosis rings. At 13, only 2-4% of men still have phimosis since most have it resolved naturally before the age of 13.

Will I feel pain when trying to use the treatphimosis rings?

You might feel pain at 2 places, on the glans, and on the foreskin. But don’t worry there’s solution for this too. If the pain is on the glans: Mostly, No, you won’t feel any pain since glans aren’t that sensitive. However if you feel you have sensitive glans, so much so that you can’t even touch it, then you might feel little bit of pain. It is advised to put a layer of castor oil over your glans and try to touch the glans with your finger which is also lubricated by castor oil. Keep practising this and in a few weeks your sensitivity will decrease and you can start using rings from then on. If the pain is on the foreskin: If you’re using a larger ring size for the first time, then you better try one ring size smaller so that you are used to it. If you’re using a normal sized ring and still feel pain, you’re using a ring that it too tight, here again, it is recommended to use a smaller ring size.

How do I know which ring to start with?

Try to stretch your foreskin as much as you can and see how much it slides over your glans. This should tell you a rough idea about how the size of the ring. Furthermore, just try to see which size fits better. All you need to take care is, that the ring shouldn’t be so loose that it falls off.

When should I move up to the next ring size?

Once you start to notice that the ring size that you are currently wearing falls off regularly, even over the rims, that means it is time for you to move up to the next rim.

Can I wear the ring all throughout the day?

No, please don’t wear it all through the day or for periods extending more than 1 hour. It may cause inflammation of the foreskin and that would be another demon to deal.

How do I keep the rings clean?

The rings are manufactured from a similar latex free material to that used in the teats of baby bottles, so we advise to use baby bottle sterilising tablets/liquid.This can be purchased from most supermarkets and is very inexpensive. please do not use harsh chemicals or an autoclave as this can damage the rings.

What to do when I feel uncomfortable to wear?

The rings are manufactured from a very soft material which most users will find comfortable. If you feel soreness/pain/numbness, it is likely that you are wearing a ring which is too large. Take a rest for a day or 2, and reduce the ring size until you feel a comfortable stretch.

Can I wear the phimosis rings during sexual intercourse?

No. Under no circumstances should you do this. Remove the stretching ring, and thoroughly wash away the skin cream prior to sexual activity.

Products that help treat phimosis

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Products that helps to treat phimosis

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