The smallest ring of treat phimosis is not enough for me, it is still way too big, what should I do?

First of all, relax, there are a lot of men who have cured their phimosis using tools and techniques from this website and they were exactly where you are.

First of all, understand that stretching should not be painful, if there’s pain in your foreskin, you’re going to get scars, rashes and what not.

You should 2 things, 2 simple things actually.

  1. Try to pull down (over the glans) your foreskin as much as you can without causing pain. Apply fore-stretch crème over foreskin and then use Strool. Insert the Strool inside your foreskin and try stretching with it. This should help a lot.
  2. When you masturbate (if you do), hold your grip at the tightest part of your foreskin. Use little force to slide down that tight phimotic band. Remember to use force with caution, it might lead to paraphimosis, you don’t want that happening to you.
    This will help in loosening up the foreskin at it’s tightest part and that is what we all intend to achieve with stretching. This is what cures phimosis.

How stretching using Glansar tool is the easiest way to treat phimosis.

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