These 3 things are must have to cure phimosis

No amount of phimosis creams, oil or any ointment can help cure phimosis until you manually stretch the foreskin. The creams, oils and ointments are just an aid that can act as catalyst in increasing the speed of progress. 
Any cream or oil used alone can’t do anything to cure phimosis. 
We strongly recommend using phimosis stretching rings which can be bought by clicking this link.

Did the article confused you about what to purchase and what not to? Well, we understand, and therefore we have curated a perfect routine for you here.

Things you need to have for phimosis treatment at home: 

>If your glans have normal sensitivity
Phimosis rings, extra-virgin coconut oil, steroid cream or Fore-stretch cream.

>If your glans have high sensitivity
Everything above + extra virgin castor oil.

>If you have pinhole phimosis, i.e foreskin can’t be retracted even little bit over the glans, then
Everything above including extra-virgin castor oil + foreskins stretching tool.

Now, I guess, you already know how and when to use each of these things mentioned above.

If you have any questions, you may please mail us at [email protected]

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