Everything about paraphimosis and 1 and only assured way to cure it

Phimosis leading to paraphimosis is quite common amongst people suffering from phimosis. When foreskin is pulled down too forcefully it rests over the bottom part of glans. This state is the state of paraphimosis. Paraphimosis can be a serious problem for some depending how tight it is.


When foreskin is retracted behind glans, it becomes very difficult to slide it back to normal. This is paraphimosis

Definition of Paraphimosis

Paraphimosis is a urologic emergency in which the retracted foreskin of an uncircumcised male cannot be returned to its normal anatomic position. It is important for clinicians to recognize this condition promptly, as it can result in gangrene and amputation of the glans penis.

What causes Paraphimosis

In uncircumcised men, paraphimosis mostly occue due to these reasons:

  • Phimosis is the #1 cause of paraphimosis.
  • Masturbating way too hard.
  • Infection can also be the cause of paraphimosis. This happens when the area isnt washed very well.
  • Injury while having sex.
  • Circumcision gone wrong
  • Diabetes is another reason for paraphimosis and phimosis in adults.

Symptoms of paraphimosis

  • If you’re unable to slide down foreskin back to it’s resting position (or normal position).
  • Swelling at the end of penis (end of glans and beginning of shaft) is another symptom.
  • Pain in glans and/or foreskin.
  • You might also face trouble urinating or redness may occur.

How to avoid paraphimosis

  • Well, the best way to make sure that you don’t get paraphimosis is by making sure that you don’t have phimosis. Mostly, paraphimosis occurs in people who have phimosis. To cure phimosis, phimosis rings and stretching tool are your best and safest bet.
  • By not stroking too hard while masturbating.
  • By always pulling down the foreskin to it’s natural position after peeeing or having sex.

Test & Surgery for paraphimosis


There’s no pathological or any other kind of test required to diagnose a person with paraphimosis, it is mostly done by inspection.


Surgery is mostly not required as this can be treated at the comfort of your home. However if paraphimosis stays for longer than a few hours, you should consult a doctor and he might advise for a small and quick surgery.

Cure paraphimosis

You may need to hold gentle pressure on the glans for a while before the pressure subsides if it is swollen from constriction. If it is very swollen it might take a few minutes holding pressure on the glans before the skin can go back. Holding pressure on it with a cloth or cloth bandage for a few minutes can help reduce swelling. (If it won’t go back, you need to see an emergency doctor immediately. If the blood flow is cut off, that will cause gangrene.)

Cure paraphimosis

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