Which is the best cream to cure phimosis?

There are basically 2 types of creams that can be used to cure phimosis. One is steroid cream containing betamethasone and the other being non-steroidal, something like e45. The fundamental role of a phimosis cream is to increase elasticity of the foreskin, and keep the region healthy.

1. Steroid cream

If there’s anything that’ll aid in curing phimosis the fastest then it’ll be a steroid cream. The steroid cream we are talking here is betamethasone cream, betamethasone dipropionate 0.05% or 0.1%
Most people with phimosis have found extremely good results by using steroid creams. Even research suggests that topical steroid creams are excellent in curing phimosis in adults and children above 3 years of age. You can read the studies here and here. But it comes with a catch, foreskin is a sensitive element of our bodies and foreskin can be easily manipulated in a kid than when you’re an adult. This has been observed by us as well, using only steroid cream will do little help unless you combine it with foreskin stretching exercises and use phimosis rings as well. 

What does steroid cream exactly do?
Phimosis steroid cream helps in loosening the foreskin, it reduces the rigidity and increases the flexibility of foreskin. Phimosis steroid cream actually reduces or almost stops the formation of collagen where it is applied, here foreskin. It is vital to suppress the collagen since it is the collagen which gives the skin it’s elasticity and stretchiness. This makes the foreskin to loosen up and thereby helps in easy gliding over glans.

How and when to use?
The steroid cream for phimosis is best used  when it is applied at night time and left over night. 
It should be applied over foreskin and never underneath it. A small pea size portion of the cream is enough to be applied on the foreskin.
The cream should be applied from the tip of the foreskin upto the glans and applied only once a day, better yet once every 2 days. Steroid cream can have it’s effect for over 48 hours since application.

If you’re using phimosis rings (which you must for faster and sustaining results), then apply the cream after using phimosis rings. Make sure to clean both inside and outside of foreskin with warm water and wipe the water with a towel before applying the steroid cream for overnight.

Word of caution
Excessive use of steroid cream can cause damage to foreskin, it’s a topical steroid, you gotta be careful in using it. This is the reason why most countries don’t allow over the counter sale of steroid cream and you’ll need a prescription to purchase it from pharmacy stores.

According to a reddit user:
Corticosteriods have a devastating effect on skin. Seconds after they are applied, the epidermis will start to atrophy. Old cells shrink, and new cells will tend to divide more slowly. Since it is not being replaced, the epidermis — the hard upper layer, will grow thinner. This seems counter-productive. When stretching, you want to promote growth, not inhibit it. However, corticosteroids have another important effect. The fibroblast cells in the dermis will also stop producing collagen. As the old collagen breaks down, the skin begins to resemble that of an elderly person. It becomes thinner, looser, and very pliable. Collagen production is suppressed for at least two weeks after application of a corticosteroid. If, during that time, you can stimulate some cell growth, you will have a long-term gain in skin surface area.

2. Fore-stretch cream

The fore-stretch cream for phimosis is another non-steroidal cream for treating phimosis at home. This cream is an intensive anti-inflammatory. 

What does Fore-stretch cream exactly do?
Just like any topical steroid cream, phimosis fore-stretch cream helps in loosening the foreskin. It just doesn’t contain any topical steroid which can thin the foreskin and isn’t dangerous either.
Fore-stretch cream increases the skin elasticity for the next 36 hours since application.

How and when to use?
Fore-stretch cream for phimosis is best when applied at night time and left over night. 
It should be applied over the foreskin and never underneath. The cream should be applied from the tip of the foreskin upto the glans.

Best used with phimosis rings for faster and longer sustaining results.  Application style is same as steroid cream.

How to buy?
This cream is exclusively sold at our online store. Click on this link to go to the product.

Please note that, no amount of phimosis creams, oil or any ointment can help cure phimosis until you manually stretch the foreskin. The creams, oils and ointments are just an aid that can act as catalyst in increasing the speed of progress. 
Any cream or oil used alone can’t do anything to cure phimosis. 
We strongly recommend using phimosis stretching rings which can be bought by clicking this link.

Did the article confused you about what to purchase and what not to? Well, we understand, and therefore we have curated a perfect routine for you here.

Things you need to have for phimosis treatment at home: 

>If your glans have normal sensitivity
Phimosis rings, extra-virgin coconut oil, steroid cream or Fore-stretch cream.

>If your glans have high sensitivity
Everything above + extra virgin castor oil.

>If you have pinhole phimosis, i.e foreskin can’t be retracted even little bit over the glans, then
Everything above including extra-virgin castor oil + foreskins stretching tool.

Now, I guess, you already know how and when to use each of these things mentioned above.

If you have any questions, you may please mail us at [email protected]

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