How Phimosis Rings Work

Cure Phimosis at Home Without Circumcision.

Yes, phimosis can be cured at the comfort of your home in 6-10 weeks by treatphimosis kit.

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Do you have phimosis?

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Image Of Type 3 Phimosis. Notice How Foreskin Cannot Slide Further Beyond On The Glans.

You have Phimosis (tight foreskin) if:

  • Your foreskin is tight
  • You can’t retract foreskin to the end of glans (penis head)
  • You can’t clean under your foreskin.
  • You haven’t seen your glans completely
  • Your urine stream isn’t long enough
  • Your glans are so sensitive that you can’t even touch them
  • Sex is painful

if you can relate with any of these symptoms, you have phimosis. But don’t worry, phimosis is curable

Download Real Life Phimosis Images

Download Real Life Phimosis Images

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How to Cure Phimosis?

Circumcision - expensive but fast

Circumcision is a method of surgical removal of foreskin. It is a permanent solution to Phimosis but has it’s own fair share of cons.

Reasons why circumcision for phimosis is a terrible idea:

  • Circumcision for phimosis is a costly business. In USA, it costs somewhere around $3000 – $5000
  • Circumcision often involves pain and discomfort for 4-8 weeks after surgery.
  • You’ll have to deal with complications after surgery. 30% men report complications after circumcision, one of which is erectile dysfunction.
  • Circumcision is recommended if you ready to sacrifice your sexual pleasure. Circumcised men report lower sexual satisfaction compared to uncircumcised men.
  • Circumcision appears to be a quick solution, but you can’t have sex for about 4-8 weeks after circumcision. So it looks like a quick fix but is it really one?

Statistically most men go for circumcision only as a last resort and mostly they don’t need to resort to circumcision, because option #2 – stretching, works big time

Foreskin Stretching - Cheaper, safe and effective

This method involves stretching foreskin over a period of 4-8 weeks using silicone rings specially designed by urologists for phimosis. It is recommended because:

  • TreatPhimosisrings are waaaay cheaper than circumcision.
  • TreatPhimosis rings don’t have any side effects which you may otherwise find in circumcision.
  • Thousands of people have seen successful results with TreatPhimosis rings.
  • Tight foreskin can be treated with TreatPhimosis rings in 99% of cases.

Most people finid it logical to use TreatPhimosis rings before going for circumcision (which they eventually don’t need), since there’s nothing to lose and only gain from it.

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