Is Coconut Oil Good For Phimosis?

coconut oil on phimosis rings

Phimosis stretching exercises will always come in handy whenever you want to get rid of this condition once and for all.  That is not to say you should use this treatment option for the sheer sake of it. To prevent injuries, combine stretching exercises and Treat Phimosis rings with lubrication oil. Extra Virgin coconut oil for phimosis is undeniably the best oil to use in this regard.

 But is it good for phimosis? The simple answer to this question is YES.  Coconut oil boasts of lauric acid and medium-chain fatty acids with anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. These two components help- prevent fungal infections while at the same time maintaining a healthy biome in your foreskin.

 When using coconut oil as part of your treatment plan for phimosis cure, be sure to re-lubricate your foreskin.  And that does not come as a surprise since coconut oil is quickly absorbed into the skin.  In short, re-lubrication helps prevent injury and irritation on your foreskin.

 All in all, Extra Virgin coconut oil for phimosis will serve you perfectly when looking forward to treating this medical condition without the hassle. Of course, you have to combine it with stretching exercises or Phimosis rings to attain the results you expect within the shortest time possible.

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