What Steroid Cream Is Used For Phimosis?

Topical steroids are at times prescribed to treat phimosis in children and adults. These steroid creams help soften the skin of the foreskin and make it easier to retract over time. To reap maximum rewards, be sure to combine the prescribed phimosis steroid cream with some stretching exercises for about two months.

But with several phimosis steroid creams at your disposal, you may wonder what works perfectly for your condition? There is no precise answer to this question since steroid creams are effective against a particular type of phimosis.  For this reason, it is in your best interest to consult your doctor and get an insight into what cream works for your condition.

Either way, you can take advantage of Temovate when looking forward to treating phimosis once and for all. Temovate contains clobetasol propionate (0.05%) as an active ingredient and helps massage and soften the foreskin. Furthermore, it plays a vital role in reducing inflammation, swelling, and itching in phimosis.

 To take advantage of Temovate phimosis steroid cream, apply a thin layer around the entire foreskin. Ensure it covers from the area at your penis tip down to where the foreskin meets the skin lower on your penis shaft.  Use it twice a day for about 4-8 weeks, together with some stretching exercises. 

Alternatives to Temovate steroid cream include Betamethasone valerate (0.1%), Betamethasone dipropionate (0.05%), mometasone furoate, and Hydrocortisone. All these work by immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory effects to treat phimosis. But that’s not to say you should purchase phimosis steroid cream for the sheer sake of it.

Even though the topical application of steroid cream to treat phimosis is a safe, simple, and effective procedure, there is more to it than meets the eye. Since they contain a steroid, using them for a prolonged period can lead to drastic side effects. For instance, you should not use Temovate for more than two months.

 The Bottom Line

While there are numerous steroid creams for treating phimosis, Temovate and Hydrocortisone stand out from the rest. If the cream fails to treat phimosis, feel free to get in touch with a specialist doctor.  The earlier you consult a specialist such as an Urologist, the easier it will be to treat phimosis. So, what are you waiting for before you finally buy a phimosis steroid cream and use it in treating this condition!

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