My foreskin has cuts and scars due to stretching. How to cure it?

Yes, this is a common problem with stretching and there’s nothing to worry about. When foreskin is stretched without a lubrication and moisturizer, the foreskin like any other skin on the body will form scars and cuts due to stretching.

Our advice would be to 

  • Do not stretch your foreskin excessively. Don’t fret, foreskin stretching takes it’s own sweet time and cannot be hurried into.
  • Cuts and rashes due to stretching wouldn’t have happened had you been stretching using treatphimosis rings and used a phimosis stretching cream. 
  •  First step would be to get a phimosis stretching cream and apply it daily on the foreskin, twice: one, before you start stretching, and second, when you go to sleep. The cream will moisten the foreskin and cure any rashes and cuts due to stretching that might have occur. This will also help you tremendously in making progress quickly.

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