Can I leave phimosis un-treated if I don’t have any problem with it?

Yes, if you don’t face any problem with Phimosis then you can leave phimosis un-treated.

However, answer the following questions to yourself first and then decide if you want to leave phimosis un-treated or not.

  1. Do you have any problem peeing?
  2. Have you had sex? – If no, then don’t leave it untreated as most people with phimosis experience pain while having sex.
  3. Does it pain when you have sex?
  4. Is sex pleasurable for you?

There are 2 risks to leaving phimosis untreated, and that is Paraphimosis and hygiene issues. Paraphimosis is the state of penis when foreskin is behind the glans and is unable to slide back to the tip of glans. This can require medical supervision. While hygiene is hygiene, you can risk fungal infection and a few others if hygiene is not maintained.

Stretching exercise work best to treat Phimosis. Apply fore-stretch crème over foreskin and use TP stretch tool to stretch the foreskin.

Final word: If you’re absolutely sure that there’s no problem in your daily life due to phimosis, you can leave phimosis untreated, but if you have any problem, it is suggested to have it treated ASAP.

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