I can slide foreskin when flaccid (soft) but can’t slide when erect. How to cure it?

There are 2 solutions to this problem,

  1. When flaccid, you try stretching foreskinusing any steroid crème or Fore-stretch crème (it works the best, with no side effect) using 2 finger method.
  2. When you masturbate (if you do), hold your grip at the tightest part of your foreskin. This is called phimotic band. Use little force to slide down that tight phimotic band. Remember to use force with caution, it might lead to paraphimosis, you don’t want that happening to you.
    This will help in loosening up the foreskin at it’s tightest part and that is what we all intend to achieve with stretching. This is what cures phimosis.

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